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Conceição, 233 - Suite 2511
Campinas/SP - 13010-916
Tel. +55 19 2517-9600

Scopes of Accreditation

• Plugs and outlets adapters
• Audio and video and similar electronic equipment – Safety requirements 
• Human consumption water quality improvement device 
• Tank and tankless gas water heaters – Labeling 
• Water dispensers 
• IT goods 
• Automotive Components 
• Automotive Components for Motorcycles, Scooters, Mopeds, Tricycles and Qudricycles;
• Motor vehicle axles;
• Electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres under gases, inflammable vapors and combustible dust conditions 
• Medical electrical equipment under health surveillance regimen.
• One use transfusion, gravitational infusion and infusion with infusion pump equipment 
• Voltage stabilizers for monophasic DC, nominal voltage 250 V and power until 3 kVA / 3 kW 
• Wires, cables and flexible electrical cords 
• Household gas ranges and ovens – Labeling 
• Microwave ovens – Labeling 
• Commercial electrical ovens 
• Multimedia communication service quality management (RGQ-SCM)
• Telecommunication services provision quality management 
• IT – safety of IT equipment 
• Switches for household fix electrical installation or similar 
• Plugs and outlets for household and similar usage 
• Sound power of household appliances 
• DC powered electronic ballast for fluorescent tube lamp 
• Ballast for fluorescent tube lamp 
• Electronic time clock 
• Safety of household appliances and similar product 
• Single use sterile hypodermic syringe 
• Leak test in underground fuel installation 
• Underground storage fuel system installation and removal services – SASC
• Table, wall and pedestal fans and air circulators or devices sold for this use Labeling

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